TNG/Earthling, Inc.

This is the company that has been responsible for the management of this site since the domain was acquired in 2016. Headed by Bob Sakayama, the company has focused on search performance in highly competitive markets where their non-traditional approach has enabled clients to dominate their fields against much larger and more powerful competitors.

If you're searching for a movie by title, say Spellbound, there is very little need for an seo service like TNG/E to get you to a theater, film, or review website. Where a search engine optimization service might be useful is when the title is unknown, but something about the theme, story, actors, etc. is known. If the film is set in a particular location or featured an identifiable work of art, an effective seo could make sure the appropriate website showed up for searches like "movie shot in India" or "comedy showing the Sistine Chapel" - even when there may be many films that satisfy the query. Focusing the search to send very targeted traffic to a specific website is one of the services TNG/Earthling offers. This can be the lifeblood of an online business.

One of the first to recognize the importance of search, the team at TNG/E has been responsible for the growth of their clients' online traffic and conversions long before there was an established seo industry. Some changes made to a website can improve search ranks significantly, but there are also changes that can do the opposite. As early as 2001 they identified the existence of Google penalties and devised strategies for recovery. Years later, during the great Google purge, when the search engine was forced to correct an oversight that enabled the gaming of the search results. They put into place more stringent requirement for links, and ended up penalizing thousands of websites in order to cleanse their search results, enabling TNG to became a market leader in penalty remediation. They addressed hundreds of penalties, and even posted a free guide to recovery on Bob was recognized by Forbes in their post "What To Look Out For To Avoid A Google Penalty."

Some of TNG/E's most notable advances are a result of their tests on very large websites or very large numbers of websites within one business. Bob was a partner in a joint venture that owned over 25,000 domains and hosted all of them on their own cms, and guided the optimization across all sites via the cms automation. These large enterprise level clients demand strategies that can scale, often requiring adjustments to the existing cms automation to accommodate and preserve search compliance across a very large set of urls. And huge systems are ideal laboratories for the types of experimentation TNG is known for. Another significant proprietary advance is in the strategies used for off site optimization, especially the scalable development and acquisition of authoritative links and citations from trusted sources. All of the innovative strategies that have become integral to client success are the results of constant experimentation and testing.

Although most well known for its ongoing work in organic search, TNG/Earthling, Inc. has seen success in many other fields and might be described as a mini conglomerate. It was originally incorporated as a music production service, music publishing company, and recording studio for composer/producer Bob Sakayama, whose works have aired on all the major networks as program themes, interstitials and commercials. Since then the company has broadened its reach into content management systems, children's audio, radio programming, joint ventures in online businesses, b2b services, b2c marketing, lead generation, website & data development, enterprise seo, and domain acquisition. Currently, Bob's team is investing time and resources in a number of search experiments, which may lead to new businesses, or result in new strategies for more robust optimization. The most provocative one is the "Nothing" experiment entitled In Search Of Nothing ( where the ultimate goal is to rank well for "nothing".

TNG/Earthling, Inc. is thriving on the Upper West Side in Manhattan, NYC, which at the time of this writing is a city trying to get vaccinated for COVID and hoping to recover soon from the pandemic.


March 1, 2021 : Marcus Wilson, DLinePress